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Guys in black shirts, reading iPads just don't get it. They have to play the formula-set they were given on their iPads. That's why the Dino Martinis are Calgary's favourite party band. You see we're a real band. We rehearse our material as a group and offer what other party bands can't: the ability to tailor our music instantly during your event. If one type of music isn't working, we simply switch gears. Crowd doesn't like the pop-hits? Okay we'll try some oldies and keep everyone happy. We also bring the often missing ingredients of glamour and excitement to your event. We look like a touring 'Vegas act, because we are! The Dino Martinis have toured the world, released three critically-acclaimed discs and award-winning videos, while playing in front of huge festival crowds touring Canada, United States, Europe and Japan. The band has entertained parties ranging from exclusive private functions with Tom Hanks and members of the Japanese Royal family, to outdoor street parties to over 70,000.
Greatest Hits

Beer Stains
And Naugahyde

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