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About Us

More fun than a basket o' kittens.
We make your audience part of the show!

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"We're Kind of a Big Deal."

At least to our moms. The Dino Martinis are internationally known for their original jump blues and swing music. People know us these days as Calgary's best wedding and event band. But we've released three critically-acclaimed albums, made award-winning videos, while playing in front of huge festival crowds touring Canada, United States, Europe and Japan. *inspects finger nails. We've entertained parties ranging from exclusive private functions with Tom Hanks and members of the Japanese Royal family, and outdoor street parties with over 70,000 people. So, you know, just saying. But all of this makes us a heck of a party band too!

So We Have This Thing

We like to really be part of your party or celebration. We like to involve your audience and get them on stage singing, dancing and, well having fun. In short, we want people to be still talking about your party when the next one comes around. We're not like other bands. We're not the black shirt dudes with the ipad who just met in the parking lot. We're here to entertain, and we change our music to match what your audience wants to hear. We don't just play, we make parties happen.

"Um, Can You Play the Bird Dance?"

We'll play whatever you want. But more importantly, we'll play whatever your audience wants. It's not about us, it's about making your event fantastic. If Aunt Irma says it's not a party until the polkas happen, then polkas she shall have! We play the hits on the radio for soccer moms, we play the classic rock for Randy the uncle, or Sean from shipping. We play the Hora ... in fact we make it our mission to make sure everyone "has a good time, all the time.*" (*To quote Spinal Tap!)

Oh, we'll also play your first dance and consider any other special requests you'd like us to play. If you give us some time you can even solicit requests from your company or friends and family and we’ll fulfill as many of them as we can. Careful what you wish for though, we know a loooot of songs.

The Brady Bunch Section!
(Meet the Dinos)

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Beer Stains & Naugahyde (Greatest Hits)

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Perfect sound track for your next cocktail or Madmenparty! A compilation of our best jump blues, swing, cocktail and lounge music. Couple of fun covers in there too - like Motorhead's "Ace of Spades." This one is shaken and stirred baby.

50,000,000 Santa Fans Can't Be Wrong

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Many people (including those we didn't pay) say that Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without our album. It features the same fun jump blues, swing and lounge approach that has made us a household name (in our own houses.)

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