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Your Event

Hey, if you're looking for a dull event, you've come to the wrong place!

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Fundraising Galas

Exciting Galas Lead to Exciting Returns

We think that friend-raising and fundraising for good causes are among the most important shows that we play. We help everyay we can. We generally provide a discount (gasp!) and we'll do our best to amplify your cause through our own social media platforms. Just as importantly we'll work with you (or your super-organized-head-set-wearing-event planner) to provide flexible music that brakes for silent auction announcements, speeches etc. Our approach is always, "How can we make this work for you?"

(Your) Wedding

We make your big day, well, bigger!

We weren't just being clever when we put (Your) Wedding in the ubiquitous header above. We don't play generic weddings, we play yourwedding. Even though it's your big day, we have a few goals. 1) Make it hassle/worry free. Just book us and tell us when you want us to play. We'll work with your venue (or super-organized-head-set-wearing planner) to take all the annoying details relating to the band off your plate. 2) We'll learn your first dance, and other special requests (mother-son/ father/daughter dances), and 3) we'll entertain any requests and make sure the music keeps everyone from the flower-girl to granny and grandpa happy. We also bring glamour, class and fun to your wedding. We can also provide music for your ceremony and reception. Just ask.

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Corporate Parties

A band for Bobby in the mailroom, Cathy in accounting and Dave in warehouse.

It is SO not easy to organize a company holiday party. Believe me, we get it. That's one reason why we put down our martinis and started this band in the first place. We'll tailor our set to your audience, we can add more rock or Top40 hits, depending on what your crowd needs. Some bands can't do that. They have a "set show" and that's what they play. We don't do the Henry Ford (i.e. any colour as long as it's black) - we play what's working on that night. We also work hard to get your audience involved in the show (on and off stage!) and make your party memorable for everyone involved. We also take the hassle out of booking a band, we'll work with your event planner or the venue and take care of all the details related to the band. We're also super flexible and work with your program whether that be speeches, powerpoints or a visit from Santa!

Parties. Wherever, whoever, whenever

Birthday parties, anniversaries, you-won-a-bet-parties. We do it all.

So we have this friend who won a strange bet. He went vegan for a year and his friends had to spring for this giant party that was (you guessed it) a BBQ meat-fest, featuring yours truly as the entertainment. Since then he's held a regular seasonal party, and we keep the date for him. Because, let's face it, parties are what we do. We can do that for you too. Any reason you can come up with, any group of friends ... just add us and you've got a party. People have flown us to exotic places like Japan and Grande Prairie, and we're happy to do it. Yeah, we know, Japan isn't that exotic.


Coast-to-coast vignettes, or the perfect hi-energy juke box!

So we've done a lot of conferences over the years, and if you're event-spotters (like we are) you know there are two basic types. There's the vignette, we're going to sit here and eat and you entertain us. Then there are those crowds who can't wait to hit the dance floor and paaaarty! (sic we know party is a noun.) Then there's the rare crowd who wants a vignette and then wants to party. At least a little. Long way for us to tell you we're conference-planner-faves for a reason. Very flexible in just about every way (except we can't actually touch our toes) we can provde episodic entertainment between courses and fill the dance floor after dinner. We can also provide themed entertainment, like some "Hooray for Canada vignettes that musically take your audience from coast-to-coast.

Relax. We'll handle the details.

Take the stress out of your event

I know, I know, everyone loves stress, am I right? Fact of the matter is that if you book us, you can relax and focus on the other stress in your life. We'll talk to the venue and organize the band load-in, where we need to set-up, where we can access power etc. etc. We can book the sound and lights and you, well you can settle back and just enjoy the fun part of booking a band - the music!.

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