“So, who do we think we are anyway!?”

Thank you Lacombe!
September 4, 2022
With a huge repertoire from cocktail and swing to hits from the decades, the Dino Martinis will elevate your event and create an unforgettable evening for your guests!

So, the Dino Martinis have a long and fun story! We started as a swing / cocktail / jump blues band playing mostly original music and our favourite old-school Las Vegas strip covers like Louis Prima, Frank Sinatra and Wayne Newton. Over the years we added a huuuuge repertoire of songs and derveloped a reputation as one of Calgary (and Canada’s) best wedding, event and party bands.

One of the key word in the above sentence is “band”. One of the things that sets us apart is the chemistry you get after playing close to 2,000 shows together, across Canada and around the world, and touring the U.S., Europe and Japan. We’ve also played for some of the world’s largest corporations and household names including Tom Hanks, Glenn Frey, Bill Clinton and even members of the Japanese Royal Family.

We’ve always kept that Vegas-stage-show approach. We bring a huge variety of high-end, glamorous costuming and we focus on creating a professional show that elevates your event and brand and really connects with the audience. Some other “bands” are essentially a group of musicians, who show up in basic black suits, punch the clock, and play the charts that they were given for the show. I guess if that’s what you’re after … As one client said to us recently, “Why would we get just a band, when we can have The Dino Martinis!” We always play like our lives depend on it!

The other benefit we bring is that even after all those shows and learning all those songs, we still rehearse as a band and regularly add new songs for our clients, (who usually quickly move from being clients to being friends!) We personalize our set on the fly to keep the dance floor full playing more of what the people in the room seem to be enjoying

We also pride ourselves on over-the-top customer service. We make your event easy. We can help you plan your event – we have a great list of excellent and attentive wedding and event planners, or we can easily handle some logistics for you. What that means is that once you’ve booked the Dinos – you don’t have to worry.

Just pour yourself a martini – or any other cocktail you prefer – sit back and let the fun unfold.

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